Erasing Gadget
Season 2, Episode 20
Written by Jean Chalopin
Directed by Bruno Bianchi
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"Erasing Gadget" is the 20th episode of the second season of Gadget and the Gadgetinis.


Dr. Claw has a M.A.D. scientist build a time machine, then travel back to 1957 to prevent Gadget's parents Jules and Annie Gadget from meeting so Gadget and Penny won't exist.

Back in the 21st century, Gadget begins to fade away and so does Penny and the Gadgetinis since she can't exist without her grandparents and if she's never born, there's no one to build them. While the scientist delays Jules, he still manages to crash his bicycle into Annie's and everyone reappears. Gadget and the Gadgetinis travel back in time to find the scientist, who gets Gadget locked up, but he breaks out of the police station, accompanied by his cellmate Marilyn who was destinied to meet Gordon Сlaw in the holding cell and eventually become Dr. Claw's mother.

So now, the scientist has to try and get them together while breaking up Jules' and Annie's budding romance and the Gadgetinis have to stop him.\


  • Gadget wasn't able to recognize his parents. 
  • Gadget traveling to the 50s to save his parents resembles the 1985 film Back to the Future
  • Gadget's parents both have black hair like him, Penny's blonde hair is blonde may come from whichever of her parents is not Gadget's sibling. Penny's parentage is not brought up in the episode.