Dr. Thaw
Dr. Thaw.2
Occupation Scientist
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Family Unknown wife (Either not mentioned or possibly deceased)

Gordon Сlaw (father)
Maryland Claw (mother)
Claw (twin brother)
Billy Thaw (son)

Location Metro City
Portrayed By Brian Drummond

Dr. Thaw is a character in Gadget and the Gadgetinis. He is Dr. Claw's brother who only appeared in "Ice Folly," in which he paid his brother a visit and argued to see who could defeat Gadget quicker.


Just like his twin brother, Thaw is an evil crimminal mastermind who is trying to take over the entire world. Despite being as equally evil, sinister, and sadistic as Claw, he shares rivalry with his brother to take over the world.


Just like his brother, his face is hidden and the only parts we see of him is his red, rubber glove and boots.


  • Unlike Claw, he has a red rubber glove instead of a metallic claw-like glove.
  • Why Thaw has a different family name from his cousins and parents is unknown.
  • In "Claw's Nephew", it is revealed that he is the father of Claw's nephews, who were left as orphans after the disappearance of Thaw.