―Focus’s outrageous claim about his personality, Gone Went the Wind, season one
Dr. Focus
Dr. Focus
AKA Dr. Elmo Focus
Occupation Scientist
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Family N/A
Location North Pole
Portrayed By Frank Welker

Dr. Focus is a M.A.D. scientist in Inspector Gadget. He only appears in "Gone Went the Wind," in which he created Sneezooka to destroy Metro City.


Dr. Focus had joined forces with M.A.D. to blow up Metro City with his latest weapon: the Sneezooka. But Focus’s intentions had eventually fallen through due to Penny taking over the controls of said weapon. After his Sneezooka is destroyed, Focus makes his escape, but soon bumps into Gadget who happens to be standing in the doorway of the observatory. Shortly after, Chief Quimby and Chief Octoc arrive and arrest Focus.


Focus is very sensitive when someone calls him “mad” and claims he is not so, which he actually is. Although he misunderstands the fact that it is the organisation that is being referred to, not his personality.


Gone Went the Wind