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"Do Unto Udders" is the 48th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


Gadget comes home from the supermarket with food and bad news for Penny and Brain: The store was out of their usual brand Metro Dairy Farms, so they'll have to make do with expensive dairy products from the mysterious New Foods Dairy (whose logo is a sinister and slightly familiar-looking with red eyes). Conveniently enough, Gadget is ordered to New Foods Diary to find out why the cows there have suddenly stopped producing milk. The inspector heads out to the country to investigate, but Claw has something to hide and sends out for separate M.A.D. agents to intercept him.

Meanwhile, Penny noses around a refrigerated New Foods Dairy truck and is trapped inside. Once the truck reaches its destination (the dairy itself), the little girl escapes and discovers the whole operation is run by Claw. A scan with her computer book locates a rotating satellite-type dish atop a silo that is sending a signal to cows at other dairies in the area that has somehow dried up their milk-making parts. Up the road a piece, Gadget (with Brain's help) avoids the pitfalls from Claw's agents ― a phony cop who tries to run him off the road, an unlikely farmer who gives him wrong directions, an agent driving a thresher through a booby-trapped covered bridge, and an assassin dressed in drag ― and eventually makes his way to New Foods Diary (thinking it's actually Metro Dairy Farms). Busy with their own evil-dairy-farm-chores, the M.A.D. agents let loose a relentlessly persistent and vicious bull to finish off the police inspector. Gadget gets tossed around a bit by the bull, but manages to avoid serious injury. From his computer console, Claw spots Penny by the sound wave dish and dispatches an agent to take her out ― but it's too late: She's already disabled the dish and contacted Chief Quimby, who arrives just in time to arrest all of the M.A.D. agents (including the bull), thus putting an end to Claw's evil scheme.

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