"You worthless bar of lead. Soon, I shall transform you into solid gold!"
―Daedalus, Did You Myth Me?, first season
Dr. Daedalus
AKA Daedalus
Occupation Evil scientist
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Family N/A
Location Greece
Portrayed By Jeri Craden

Dr. Daedalus is a character in Inspector Gadget. His one and only appearance was in "Did You Myth Me?".


Dr. Daedalus is an evil scientist, and of whom was assigned by Dr. Claw to get a formula that informs how to make gold out of lead. He was eventually caught and arrested after discovering that the formula turned out to be a sham.


Did You Myth Me?


Dr. Daedalus appears to have been named after (possibly) a skilled craftsman and artist in Greek mythology of the same name. Daedalus is also Ancient Greek for "cunningly wrought" or "to work artfully".

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