"Why do I put up with him?"
―referring to Gadget, usually after getting blown up in the face by a self-destructing message
The CHief
AKA Chief Quimby
The Chief
Occupation Police chief
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Family Mrs. Quimby (wife)
Unnamed mother
Location Metro City
Riverton, Ohio (in the live-action films)
Portrayed By John Stephenson
Maurice LaMarche
Dan Hennessey
Dabney Coleman (1999 film)
Mark Mitchell (2003 sequel)
Derek McGrath (2015 series)

Chief Quimby is a character in Inspector Gadget. He is the police chief of Metro City and Gadget's boss.


Quimby works as the police chief of Metro City. He takes his job seriously and when he is hiding in an unlikely place or in disguise, gives Inspector Gadget an assignment, only for Gadget to get rid of it afterwards, and ends up exploding in Quimby's face.


Quimby is bitter and has a short temper, but means well as he gives Inspector Gadget many tasks to help with his missions. He can't stand Gadget because of him always throwing self-destructing messages at him.

Near the end of an episode, Quimby always congratulates Gadget for completing an assignment, not knowing it is really Penny that did it, despite often being contacted by her.

He usually says, "Why do I put up with him?" after being blown up. There are only two exceptions to this: "Gadget's Replacement," where Gadget gets replaced by a computer, and "Health Spa," where Gadget doesn't get an assignment in the first place, as Quimby quoted, "At last, an assignment that doesn't blow up in my face." Also, in an episode, when Inspector Gadget gives him a self-destructing note, he gets scared and tries to get it away from some pigeons he was feeding. And, as a result, it blew up in his face.


Quimby has light brown hair (though balding) and mustache. He wears a light blue police uniform with dark blue overalls. In the 2015 cartoon, he has a gold jacket on top of his uniform and unlike his original cartoon appearance, seems to have replaced his pipe with glasses.


  • Quimby almost never wears his police hat.
  • Quimby's first name has never been revealed.
    • The 1999 film mentioned his name being Frank, but this was not depicted in any of the series.
  • There is a theory that Chief Quimby is actually Dr. Claw. Several clues suggest this, particularly in the end credits of the original animated series, where Quimby is shown talking to Gadget, and Dr. Claw's voice-over shout's "I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next time!" implying that Quimby is the one saying this.


Chief Quimby's theme

Chief Quimby's theme