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"Busy Signal" is the 11th episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget.


Dr. Spectrum is back, but this, time he created an elaborate phasor gun capable of dematerializing matter at the molecular level, which can be teleported to Claw's domain through the city's telephone circuits. Under the guise of a local telephone company, Spectrum and his goons systematically target the mansions of Metro City's elite neighborhoods and proceed in burglarizing them with the dial of a number and with a zap of the aforementioned gun to send the loot straight into Claw's hands. No break-in signs, no prints, and no traceability seems like M.A.D. has hit the mark with this furtive little scheme. This gets the attention of the police and Quimby assigns Gadget to solve the case, but the inspector thinks that the mansions are burglarized.

After a run-in with a huge and muscular driver and a woman taking a shower, Gadget finds a telephone book and thinks that it's a clue, so he goes to the telephone company building. He ends up finding Dr. Spectrum's room. Spectrum is about to use his gun to teleport Gadget away, but Brain rescues his master. This gets Brain chased by Gadget again, only to have Spectrum following the two and finally teleporting Gadget away with his gun. Gadget is teleported to an another robbed mansion and now he has to deal with a crying woman.

Meanwhile, Penny and Brain investigate Spectrum's room and find out what's going on. Figuring out where Gadget is, Penny sends Brain there. She then follows Spectrum to the another soon-to-be-robbed mansion. Brain finds Gadget and, after telling Penny the good news, he has to bring the inspector to the mansion. Brain steals the book away from Gadget and the inspector starts to chase him. Soon, Penny gets captured by Spectrum, who threatens to teleport her to Claw, but she kicks the gun away. Spectrum and a M.A.D. agent fight over the gun, inadvertently teleporting the parts of the van to Claw, giving Penny a chance to escape. Gadget and Brain then arrive and the brawl soon makes the M.A.D. agent be teleported away. After a brief encounter with a furious Claw, the agent and the van parts are teleported back. Gadget inadvertently sets the gun in reverse, teleporting the stolen loot back. Quimby then arrives, but not before Spectrum uses his gun to teleport himself away.

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