Amusement Park
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date September 28, 1983 (US)
July 4, 1985 (UK)
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"Amusement Park" is the 14th episode of Inspector Gadget.


Gadget, Penny, and Brain visit an amusement park. Penny wishes to have a panda bear and Gadget decides to win it for her. The trio goes to a booth belonging to a M.A.D. agent. The agent tells Gadget that he can win a panda bear if he hits 3 ducks. After hitting two ducks, M.A.D. agents makes the machine fast, making Gadget miss the third duck. Gadget bumps into Quimby, who gives him another assignment: M.A.D. is threatening Metro City to pay the ransom or they will blow up the amusement park. The bomb is hidden somewhere in the amusement park and it will blow up at 12:00, which means that Gadget has 30 minutes to find it. The M.A.D. agent gives Gadget a small panda bear as a prize for hitting two ducks, but what Gadget doesn't know that inside of the panda bear is a bomb.

With Brain tailing him, Gadget ends up bumping into and chasing the real M.A.D. agents, thinking that they know where the bomb is. Penny is also looking for the bomb and she searches the same booth where Gadget was trying to win the panda bear for her. Investigating, Penny notices that one of the panda bears is missing and her computer book detects that the bomb was there. Penny is then caught by a M.A.D. agent and she asks him where the panda bear is and he tells her that her uncle won it. After a brief struggle, Penny manages to escape.

The M.A.D. agents have brought Gadget (as well as Brain) for a wild ride on a roller coaster, but Penny manages to stop it. She tries to tell her uncle that the bomb is inside the panda bear, but he doesn't understand any word she says. Penny calls Brain and tells him what's going on, so Brain takes the bear and Gadget chases him. With time almost up, Penny tells Brain to throw the bomb into the pool. Gadget takes the bear away from Brain, but seeing Quimby, he falls into a trash can, dropping the bear that falls to the pool and explodes there.

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Amusement Park (Full Episode)

Amusement Park (Full Episode)