"No one can steal an entire city!"
"For once, you're right, Gadget. You can't steal an entire city. But you can remove it one piece at a time!
―Gadget and Dr. Claw
All That Glitters
Season 1, Episode 12
Claw and Cat
Air date September 26, 1983
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"All That Glitters" is the 12th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


Inspector Gadget is sent to South America where, deep in the jungles of Peru, he is to guard a recently-discovered city of gold from the clutches of Dr. Claw. Worried that her uncle may be in over his head, Penny and Brain tag along.

Once in Peru, Gadget hitches a ride down a river in an old boat with an English archaeologist who, unbeknownst to Gadget, is working for Claw. The archaeologist's attempt on Gadget's life backfires and the inspector ends up saving his life instead. Finally arriving at the new-found city, Gadget sets up camp, the archaeologist goes about his other business for the time being, and Penny starts investigating. She's startled at what she finds inside the main pyramid: M.A.D. is replacing the gold bricks of the city with painted Styrofoam blocks, crushing the gold into dust, and smuggling it out as sugar. Things get further complicated when outside, a busload of tourists arrive. Gadget has his hands full trying to prevent these lookie-loos from setting off any of his booby-traps, which is nothing compared to what Claw is demanding of his harried archaeologist: Get rid of Gadget, stop his niece from snooping around, and continue with the smuggling operation.

While Penny is looking up the meanings of some heiroglyphics on her computer book, the archaeologist then grabs her, and almost throws her off a cliff, but ties her up afterwards after Penny tells him that there are people below. Brain then finds Penny and rescues her. Penny then uncovers something that even Claw didn't know: The "gold" he's been stealing is nothing more than iron pyrite: Fool's gold. Penny then calls the local authorities ― who arrive and congratulate Gadget for foiling Claw's plan ― but she's not done yet. With Brain's help, Penny triggers a mechanism that sends the fake city of gold crumbling to dust as the real city of gold breathtakingly rises up in its place.


  • The only episode where Chief Quimby doesn't talk.
  • Also the only episode where Dr. Claw gets told off by an agent of his.

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All That Glitters (Full Episode)

All That Glitters (Full Episode)